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Military recruitment posters based off Shingeki no Kyojin
8.5 x 11 designs. Emblems were also done by me.

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Only victors are allowed to live... this world is merciless like that.
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Is this a bad time to mention that my laptop recently got repairs and I have to reinstall photoshop so everything in regards to this blog is just really behind schedule?

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I forgot that midterm stuff is already approaching and I still have like, seven requests to finish so please don’t think I forgot to do them. I’ll have to push them to this weekend (or at least the majority of them).

Unless someone would like to help me with all my schoolwork ;A;

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Shiraishi Kuranosuke
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zanmaon. tumblr. com/ post/43182126265 OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!! What is this from? :o And nice gif work. :3

ahaha thank you!! ;w; it’s from RWBY!

I think I might need to change my theme soon since the tags don’t seem to be showing properly orz

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I Wanna Love

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Valentine’s Day is this week, which means I’ll be opening up requests for the first time! You can have a gif set of any character from the series above dedicated to you! All you have to do is throw me a message to tell me who you want and what name you’d like me to refer to you as.

The request period will end on February 15! Thus, by the end of the month, all requests will be filled and I can prepare for next month’s request period orz

One request per person! Don’t be shy! Please.

Today is the last day for requests so if you’ve been waiting, now’s the time to make a request!